Bet Y’all didn’t see this coming! Next week Wednesday, February 27th an interview for the legendary culture of Hip hop & Rap. Presented by Alvsion pictures & produced by Derek Kendall …we bring to you The MAN Behind the ART of Rap, Mickey Bentson & apprentice David Bolds! , spun off the original Art of Rap documentary directed by Ice T. We are bringing you content from the folks who lived & breathed the original lifestyle. I have the pleasure to interview this executive management team to talk about the music the, the history & the stories of the artistry that is known none other than HIP HOP in its purest form Its free people @(11AM)

Wednesday interview bx river .jpg

Interview Day February 27 2019

February 27th, The Bronx River

We are locked loaded & ready to give you a presentation nobody seen coming! 📺🎬

Produced by Derek Kendall in association with Al Vision pictures, bringing to you The MAN Behind THE ART OF RAP, MICKEY BENTSON Stringing from the original Art of Rap documentary directed by Ice T.

I will be interviewing Mick on content about the legendary hip hop culture on the tour from the documentary & his powerful management moves since the beginning of this multi-billion dollar industry. With his Assistant and Apprentice, Mr. David Bolds #theartpfrap #theartofrapfest #mickbenzo #IceT #Mrdavidbolds