Interview Day February 27 2019

February 27th, The Bronx River

We are locked loaded & ready to give you a presentation nobody seen coming! 📺🎬

Produced by Derek Kendall in association with Al Vision pictures, bringing to you The MAN Behind THE ART OF RAP, MICKEY BENTSON Stringing from the original Art of Rap documentary directed by Ice T.

I will be interviewing Mick on content about the legendary hip hop culture on the tour from the documentary & his powerful management moves since the beginning of this multi-billion dollar industry. With his Assistant and Apprentice, Mr. David Bolds #theartpfrap #theartofrapfest #mickbenzo #IceT #Mrdavidbolds



NEW YORK FASHION WEEK Starts February 8, 2019, An the Aquarius Boyz And Pay Up Management Aquarius celebration Is February 9, 2019, so let’s get your dress on and come out to 228 west 39th street and party. Live Streaming By ZingoTV Sponsor By Global Mixed Gender Basketball #theartofrapfest #theartofrap #IceT #Mickbenzo

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Aquarius Celebration Feb 9 2019

Aquarius Celebration Takes place February 9, 2019. And This could be your pre-party for the Grammys as you know it is on February 10, 2019, Grammys nite So we will be having celebrities with us and we have A Red Carpet and Live Streaming with Zingo T.V.
THIS COULD BE YOUR GRAMMY NITE DRESS TO IMPRESS February 9,2019. We do have a 3-hour open bar just like the Grammys so buy the right ticket for you and your lady
contact Jamil Flores in box him

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